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Posted by Popcorn-Time on June 08, 2014
New features

Hey there devoted users,

Approx 2 weeks ago, after reading an article on Torrent Freak that really troubled us (an article we also posted about here regarding our users’ safety) we made an important decision to put everything we were working on on hold for a bit and focus first on creating the safest environment for each user!
To ensure that all of your guys can watch whatever you want, when ever you want and most importantly from WHERE EVER!! Without fearing that some nasty troll will catch you… ;-)

And now it’s here.
Encrypted bittorrent traffic and…. (drum roll please)… FREE BUILT IN VPN!!!
This is THE ONLY version available today that protects its users.

This is so special and awesome that Torrent Freak was glad to tell you about it more in detail… And since they write much better than us- better read about it there :-)

Now that we got this off our plate we can go back to finishing up the Chromecast support, working on iOS, new improved versions for Android and Mac and also smart TV’s and many more things we have in our pipe line.

Share your thoughts with us, and most importantly- please share Popcorn Time!!! Popularity is the key to keep us going, so help us RUN by spreading the word about us to everyone, anywhere!

*Thanks to the awesome Kebrum the VPN provider which makes all of this possible!!

38 Comments to The Anonymous Popcorn (time)

    • We still don’t have a version out for Mac, at the moment it’s only for PC, but now that we’re finished with this we’ll work on a Mac version and release it asap!!

      • hi popcorn time whenever I open popcorn time it is just the opening screen with the icon it never open the actual program how do i fix this help please
        loyal customer Adan

        • Hey Adan,
          Apologies about that one, this is a bug that managed to find its way into the beta 4.2
          We’re working on fixing it and a new version with many bug fixes will be released soon so stay tuned!!!!

    • Hey Joe,
      This option is not yet available for Mac users, but we are working on making it happen… SOON!! :-)

  • Would love to see a more detailed roadmap with delivery expectations!

    I’m looking forward to Chromecast support on OS X – is that anywhere close?


  • What’s the chance of making the default setting ‘on’ for the VPN? With click to turn off… BTW, you folks are truly awesome. Great program!!!

    • Thanks for the awesome feedback man!! We’ll leave the default off for now since not everyone wants or needs to use the VPN… Thanks for the suggestion though :)

  • We’re a group of volunteers and opening a brand new scheme in our community. Your site offered us with useful information to paintings on. You’ve performed a formidable job and our entire group can be thankful to you. eeeefaggegke

    • Hey Erik,
      Apologies, this is one annoying bug with this version… Doesn’t happen to everyone, but some are stuck on this screen, and we’re working hard on fixing this. Soon we will release a new version with many bug fixes and this bug will be GONE for good, so just a little bit more patience :)

  • Hi i just wanted to say that the vpn does not work for me . Im somewhere that the torrents are filtered and you cant get them wihtout a vpn that why i have to start my vpn for blue bar to load for almost 90 percent of the movies . Why is it like this ? But i love it i use it every day

    • Hey Arian,

      Sorry about that, but this is still the first 2 weeks of the VPN, so we’re still solving little bugs such as the one you’re describing… Be sure it’ll get fixed and will work awesomely very soon!!

  • Hi i just wanted to say that the vpn does not work for me . Im somewhere that the torrents are filtered and you cant get them wihtout a vpn that why i have to start my vpn for blue bar to load for almost 90 percent of the movies . Why is it like this ?

    • Hey Arian,
      VPN is a new feature and it’s still taking its first steps. It’s natural that it’ll have some bugs and won’t work flawlessly yet… We’re constantly working on making it better stronger and more stable, so keep patient and stay tuned for updates!

  • Hi popcorn Devs. I’m a really huge fan of your work and I’m really proud of you guys. I was wanting to know how you guys were gonna release popcorn time to ios users. Because I really do want to dump netflix really bad. Please let me me know ASAP :)

    • Hey Travis,
      Thanks for the compliments, we’re blushing ;-)
      iOS is in the works and will be released in August…. It’s already looking beautiful- it’s going to be F#$cking awesome :-)

    • Hello Dave, apologies, our VPN is down… Our VPN providers are doing everything within their power to fix this matter ASAP and we’ll inform everyone once it’s working once again. Thanks for your patience and apologies for the inconvenience…

    • Our apologies mate, the VPN service is down at the moment and our VPN provider is doing everything within his power to fix it. We will update once it is working again. Thanks.

  • First, thanks for your good work on this project. I think it takes guts to do what your doing, keep up the good work. I wanted to suggest that you include a comment on your website that indicates the VPN is only currently available for PC and that a Linux and OSX version on the way soon. The way it’s worded now, it doesn’t seem clear. It would be aweful for someone to begin using your amazing software thinking that they were also using a “free, Built-in VPN” somehow, when they were actually completely unprotected. Just a suggestion. I’m humbled by the work for freedom of information you’re doing, again, thank you.

    • You are 100% right John, and we actually noticed this fact the other day and have been meaning to change it.. We will get to it ASAP, it is super important, we don’t anyone to misunderstand… Thanks for your worry and for your awesome support!! Keep on Popcorning :-)

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