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  • First of all, Yall rock.

    Second, Yall rock.

    Third – ok Ill get to my question! LOL

    Aight – Hey, Do you guys send out a newsletter announcing updates? Some people are twiters some are facebookers and some are emailers. Me? Yeap I am a emailer, but I have all three. I check/pay most attention to my email.

    So I am wondering if yall have a newsletter email group thingy.

    Yeap you guessed it, i am a little weird especially after staying up three days playing World of Warcraft. But don’t worry I haven’t done that in a few years! LOL

    Thanks guys! Seriously keep up this great work for freaks like me…

    • You’re not weird- you’re special ;-)
      Yes, a newsletter is definitely on our to do list, but it’s a long long list so we’re getting to each item on it slowly but surely!!! We’ll definitely let everyone know once we start our newsletter though, so no worries!! And until then you have our Facebook, Twitter and blog :-)
      Thanks for the awesome feedback- you ROCK!!

  • I’m from Brazil and Brazilian Portuguese subtitles on MAC do not accept some characters such as (ã,ç,á,à,â,ó,õ, º, ª …) and because of that some strange characters appear instead. Are you developping better subtitles formats?

      • Hey Luis,
        The subtitles bug is fixed now on beta 4.2!! Please check it out (you may have to download it again from our homepage if it’s not working) and let us know if it’s working well for you now.

    • Yeah i have this problem too on Windows, any characters such (ã,ç,á,à,â,ó,õ, º, ª …) appear an strange character when I will watch a movie.. Always have to change all characters of the subtitles, removing all accentuation.. I wait an update.. in despair.. for fix this..

      • Sorry for the late response, but this issue should be fixed in the update we released for beta 4.2
        It’s supposed to update automatically if you have this version on your device, but if not, please download it again from our homepage. Enjoy!!

    • I experience the same problem, special characters like é are scrambled.

      For example “één” means 1, but is shown completely different :-(

      Encoding issue I presume

  • I was just wondering where to find all changelogs of the app. Did some searching but I can’t find any of the newer release (>3.1). Could you make a blog post about all the new changes?

    • Hey Daniel,
      Yes- we haven’t advertised the changelogs really… Making a post about it is a good idea. Thanks!!:)

  • Thankyou thankyou. Been waiting for a program like, to make life easyer. :) :) :)
    What am I doing wrong?: just got the new version of PT, and I Cheered when I saw the new titles that I have been longing for there.
    They stream fine, but when it gets to where it should play.. Nothing! the screen is black and I cant start play…. Some older titles work thoug… wtd?

    • Hey Lars,

      Sorry about that. You’re not doing anything wrong, this is known bug in the beta 4.2 which we’re trying to kill now… Soon we will release a new version with many bug fixes and this one will be gone!!! Poof!

      Apologies for the inconvenience, please keep patient and stay tuned for updates :)

  • Popcorn 3.1 used to work perfect. but v4.2 is showing a black screen on startup. I have windows 7, 64 bit. I hope you will fix it soon…….

  • Por favor, añadir alguna forma para que se vean los acentos en los subtìtulos, es horrible, no se entiende nada…

  • Here’s a suggestion for you. Add a list feature for future movies to watch (similar to Netflix). Everytime I look for a movie I come across several I want to watch but forget about before the next time I look. Being able to save those to a list for future reference would be handy.
    Thanks for and keep up the good work.

    • In the future- 4 sure!!!
      Our goal is to make Popcorn Time compatible with all devices that can play or stream video, so fire TV, definitely in our roadmap!!

  • Hi there! First of all, I Love Popcorn Time. Before I was jealousing of Netflix and other streaming service. Since Popcorn was released, I know you saved my life. Keeping up good work, you guys….

    My question is while I am watching a movie, then I want to watch another movie. Can I just close my movie I’m watching and go to another movie without streaming the old movie again if I want to watch it later (I know my old movie was saved in a cache folder and I also does not let it delete my movies after I close Popcorn time). Will my old movie is still resumable (Continue where I left them)?

    • Hi Itamar,

      Sorry for that, annoying bug… If this is happening in the beta 4.2 we’ll soon be releasing a new version with many bug fixes, so stay tuned for it!!

  • Hi!

    I just wanted to share an idea, I would like Chromecast support for Popcorn Time! do you think you can do that? So people with Chromecast can stream the movies to the TV! That would be amazing! if possible and made!

    That be great!


    • Dude, we’re already on it ;-)
      We’ve been working our asses off bringing Chromecast support to our app and finally it’s nearly here… Just a few days if everything goes according to plan- so stay tuned!!

    • Strange blog, we already replied to this just a few minutes, but for some reason it’s not showing… So- Chromecast is in the making!!! And soon it will be available on the new beta 4.2 for PC :)

  • Hi boys (and possibly girls :))

    I think you are doing great work, however I have three questions.

    1. you are offering subtitles in many languages but for many of them characters are not shown properly, When you are planning to fix that ?

    2. there was support for custom subtitles which is now missing. Are you planning to put it back ? This was used quite a lot by people which I know.

    3. Touch support is …. hmmm. On my Microsoft Surface even basic things are not working. When I will click to movie image completely different one is open etc. All this is working fine with mouse attached. So usability suffers big time here.

    Happy coding

    • Hey Payn,

      1. Done!! The encoding bug is mostly fixed on PC with the beta 4.2- check it out!
      2. Done as well- beta 4.2 :)
      3. We’ll look into it.

      Thanks for the great feedback- keep on using ;-)

  • Your doing a great job thanks for the wonderful app could you make it possible to be able to download the torrents on android so I can watch it in long journeys please , keep up the good work :)

  • bad updatE !!!!
    i cant move to the middle of the movie !
    i need to wait until it’s loaded all the movie !
    80% the movie got bugged in sound and freeze screen while the movie playing.

    fix it please !

  • I’m not getting any sound while watching World War X. I was able to get sound when watching Pompeii – is there a work around. I checked my sound settings on my mac Laptop. Using ver 10.8.3 Mt Lion. Using 0.3.2 version of PopCorn… Can someone please help me? If that movie file is corrupted, can someone at least tell me?


  • Also, after watching a movie, it is impossible to go back to the top and choose another movie. I have to quit the app, and restart it again, each time. Also – after downloading a movie, is it stored on the client machine, if so, where?

    • Hey John,
      If you can please write these comments in our forum ( and specify which version of Popcorn Time you’re using on what operating system… That would be awesome cause then all our development team can see and ask you questions if needed! Thanks!

  • Hey,

    I would like to help with development, but I cannot find a recent copy of the source for time4popcorn anywhere, or any of the in progress code. Could you plz upload to github ;)

  • When I select the Korean subtitle option in my PC version I get random letters like ?AAEAAAAA etc. Can you please help me?

    • Hey,
      Apologies for Korean subtitles not working properly yet… If you know a good website for Korean subtitles we would love to know about it so we can maybe try and use it for our Korean users. Thanks for your help!

  • I am trying to watch movies, but noting was playing. it work like 1 hr back. i watched frozen movie. after that when i try to watch other movie it is not working. it is not downloading to start the movie.

        • Best customer service is on our forum… It is very difficult for us to work 95% of our time on developing and also handle all the customers requests… So we’re trying to point everyone out in direction of our forum where we have an active community that can help in solving issues and informing about bugs and such… Please refer all you questions there from now on. Thanks!!!

      • There’s a bug with the VPN service and we’re working on fixing it ASAP. We’ll update on the status of this in the upcoming days, hopefully we’ll be able to solve this issue quickly. Thanks for your patience.

    • Hello Jon,
      Can you please write about this issue on our forum and specify what version of Popcorn Time you’re using on what device/operating system? Our community and developers will be able to help you much better there… Thanks!!

  • When will you put Dubbing in films? Because I am Brazilian and not having to read mto short, this would be a good chance to draw the Brazilians to use it, to facilitate many.

    • We’re not dubbing anything… All we can do is try to search for torrents of dubbed films online. We don’t know if those exist, but if they do, then we’ll look into adding them to Popcorn Time in the future… In the meantime there are subtitles in Portuguese :-) Thanks.

  • it is not working with VPN. i have to disconnect VPN to watch movie. No support to contact. and no reply to the messages i sent to contact email.

    • VPN is service is down and our VPN provider is doing everything within its power to fix everything and make it work again ASAP. We will inform you once it’s working again… And apologies for not getting back to you via email, we’re swamped on all fronts and it takes us a while to reply to emails… Best thing is to join us on our Forum and there you can see that this issue has already been reported and we already informed that this matter is a bug and we’re working on fixing it…

  • Tengo un problema, no me carga ninguna película ni serie, le doy a play y carga hasta el 100% y después simplemente me vuelve a la ficha de la película sin cargar nada.

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