Popcorn Time Vs. iOS…. Ready, set, go!!

Posted by Popcorn-Time on May 22, 2014
New features

Hey all,

Just wanted to let all of you know that as of a week ago (approx) iOS is in the workshop!!

Soon Pochoclin will take a bite of that apple and all you iOS users will be able to watch movies and TV series freely from your iPhone, iPad, iPod (do they still make those???) and also on Apple TV.

We can’t tell you when yet because we’re just starting now to discover this new playground, but we assure you that we’re working as hard as ever and will get it to you loyal device soon!!!

We would have made Steve Jobs proud… :-)

P.S- The app will be available on Cydia.

10 Comments to Popcorn Time Vs. iOS…. Ready, set, go!!

  • Hi,

    Will you plan to publish source code on github as well ?
    So, for lucky people who have a certificate from apple, we should be able to publish the app and install it on our device without jailbreaking and without publish it on the apple store :)

      • You’re awesome guys.
        iOS, Chromecast, Apple TV … you think about everything and you push popcorn time to a next level !
        Watch a movie from a phone or a computer is nice.
        Watch the same movie, with subtitles, from you sofa on the TV is MAGIC !

  • Oh my goodness.
    This is great! I do really, really hope you all don’t limit it to only jailbreakers though..

    You guys are gonna crack Hollywood! ;)

  • I’m really looking forward to this! Hope to see some progress on the iOS front really soon! Keep up the excellent work! Thank you!

    • Thanks, we will!!!
      And please help us by sharing the app with the world!!! It’s sooooo important for us, we can’t even express how much….

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  • Great job guys, I’m also looking forward whenever you release the ios apps. No problem with the jailbreak, I will jailbreak my ipad for this app :P

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