Popcorn Time users get “fined” by copyright trolls

Posted by Popcorn-Time on May 23, 2014
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Hey People,

We’re not sure how many of you guys have been exposed to this article:


It is important for us to say a few words on this matter to clarify where we stand on this and the things we’re doing to keep our users Troll safe!

First of all, there’s no way to prove that the users who were fined were actually viewing torrents using Popcorn Time. From what we gather the word Popcorn Time was not mentioned not even once in the letters the users received.

But still this topic concerns us and if what’s written in the article is true and happened to Popcorn Time users, then we’re very sad to see this.
FYI: Our Android app encrypts the bittorrent traffic from the start and now our alpha 4.0 version which will soon turn into Beta 4.0 also encrypts the bittorrent traffic.
This is the first and ONLY release of Popcorn Time which protects the users- and we worked super hard to make this available ASAP once we witnessed these trolls in action.
AND since this subject is really important to us, we are also going to offer a built in VPN in our apps very soon, proving once more our loyalty to this project

Rock ON users!!!

4 Comments to Popcorn Time users get “fined” by copyright trolls

    • Definitely on our to do list!!
      Our vision: Popcorn Time on every platform that can play video… So smart TV’s are definitely in that vision and will go into our workshop soon!
      Until then keep using and help us by spreading the word about time4popcorn!!! It is vital for us that more and more people know and start using the app- so share!! On forums (yes please!!) Facebook, Twitter- anywhere you see fit.
      And no, you’re awesome! :-)

  • Please Please do make the Smart TV app, there is a workaround prototype around the net but i have been killing myself trying to get it to work.

    I got a Samsung Smart TV if you make it for that you will be gods!

    • It is definitely in our pipeline and we’re planning to start working on that soon!!! So it won’t be today or tomorrow… But it will be here in not too long… Patience our fried :-)

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