Popcorn Time Safety and Ransomware

Hello Lovely users !

The name 'Popcorn Time' has been used by a lot of people that do not have a line of development to the original Popcorn Time app (like to the best of our knowledge only us have). We usually don't invest any energy to fence off fakes because our users are smart enough not to be fooled by a Popcorn Time App that will ask them for money to be used or pester them with a VPN subscription.

That said it has been brought to our attention that a ransomware with the name Popcorn Time has circulated around the internet for a couple of days. We are of course not associated in any way with this ransomware that piggybacks our name and effort. But we feel it is a great occasion to tell all our lovely users that they should use a safe version where they know how it is built, not by who, but that all the code is available for everyone to inspect and anyone will be able to build it independently, you know this is why Popcorn Time always has been and always will be Free Software !

We know this can be a bit technical, but when your safety is at risk we take the risk to talk dirty-tech. To avoid fishy forks of Popcorn Time (that do not abide by open-source principles) you should make sure they provide clear links to their source code and that the code independently built matches the binaries that they ship (you can ask on our reddit for independent builds if you can't do it yourself) that is the only way to ensure you don't get code that could harm your data or your computer.

In our case you can also check source code and and last release 0.3.10 is build as it's built on our Jenkins instance:

If you got your Popcorn Time version from any other place than popcorn-time.tw or If you are unsure of the Popcorn Time version you are running we recommend uninstalling it and get a fresh copy from popcorn-time.tw. The installation can be checked throught Popcorn Time Jenkins .
Popcorn Time Fingerprint checking

Our Popcorn Time does not need any administrator rights to be installed on your computer, the only thing it might need are some some firewall configurations to allow torrenting over your network.

Stay Safe, with love

Popcorn Time official website: https://popcorn-time.tw
Popcorn Time official Forum: https://reddit.com/r/PopcornTime
Popcorn Time official Twitter: https://twitter.com/popcorntimetv

Popcorn Time Team

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