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Posted by Popcorn-Time on May 21, 2014
New features

Hey Everyone,

After investing every effort we had on developing improving and developing some more- we decided to take a breather and start a blog where we can tell you more about what we’re developing, improving and developing some more :-)

So here it is- our first blog post!!

Wow, this has been a hell of a crazy ride for us since we launched mid March… We love every minute of it. It’s all about facing the challenges of making this technology freakin’ AWESOME, laughing in their face and just doing it.

And our mission???

To make Popcorn Time available on every possible platform and every operating system which exists today or will exist in the future.

We were the first ones to go live with Popcorn Time after the original project was taken down and we will be the last ones standing.

Trust us.

Now go watch a movie :-)



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