Posted by Popcorn-Time on October 13, 2014
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Hi all.
This is the first time Pocholin is saying this word like this… Screaming it out.
As most of you may have noticed, our domain has been removed.
This is due to some sort of legal investigation against Popcorn Time.
A legal investigation who’s trying to do everything within its power to make Popcorn Time disappear from this world.
And neither will you, right???
Therefore, as Pochoclin is asking here, we really, REALLY, need your HELP!
After spending the last few days fighting back the people who took down our domain, we’re now up with a new domain:

BUT the biggest issue is, that this domain doesn’t appear on any Google search!!
If someone tries to find Popcorn Time. they can’t see our page!!
People who want to download Popcorn Time for Android, for iOS, people who want to use Popcorn Time anonymously for free using our built in VPN – they just can’t find us!!!
What those *fuckers* who are trying to remove us did, is to erase us from the world of Google.
They were sure that we’ll stop after this… If we’re not on Google, we don’t exist…
BUT those *fu%$ers don’t know who they’re dealing with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As we promised on our website from day one:

So we’re fighting back now like hell!!!
But in order to be able to fight them, and follow up on that promise, dear users, guys and gals and from all over the world, WE NEED YOUR HELP.
The only way Pochoclin and us will be able to overcome this blow, is if you all help us get back on Google.
And how can you do this??
See, our existance depends on Google! And what Google likes most is when websites get talked about. The more people mention one website, share that site’s URL, in various different platforms, the more Google understands that this site is popular and needs to show up in the search results!!!
So we need to get talked about. We need to get our new URL // EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Forums, blogs, articles, Facebook, Twitter and where ever.
Have a blog? Write about us.
Active in a forum? Write about us.
You’re a reporter somewhere? Hell yeh!!!! Write about us.
Social networks? Share, talk, urge other people to share.
Help us get the word around, let Google know that Popcorn Time is ALIVE AND KICKING!!! Just in a different URL.
This project is depended on that. This project depends on your help cause we cannot do this alone…
If we won’t be able to climb the Google ranking ladder fast enough, we’re not sure if we’ll manage to keep our initial promise to you, and we’ve never broken a promise we made to you all before…
So in a few seconds, when you’re finished reading this post, please HELP.
Help Pochoclin live.
Help us to not let all our hard work in the past 6 months go to waste.
Show us what you all can do!!! We know you can help us!
May the lord of movies and TV shows be with us all,
Bless you all.

Android beta 2.3 is HERE!!

Posted by Popcorn-Time on October 02, 2014
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Here’s the Android lovin’ you’ve all been waiting for!!!

A new awesome Android version is available, you should automatically see on your device that there’s an update available. Accept the update and rock on!! If for some reason you didn’t see a notification from us regarding the update, just re-install the app here

So what’s new?

  1. Subtitles support on Chromecast!!! Yes, you’ve all been asking nicely for a while now, we promised that it was in the works, and here it is!!! Now you  can watch Popcorn Time from your Android on your TV screen with subtitles!! Woohoo :)
    ***DESKTOP USERS: Since Google blocked our subtitles on Chromecast solution, we’ve been working very hard on finding a work around which will bring back the subtitles support on Chromecast for you all. We’re happy to say that we found a way to make this work and this solution will be released in a few days, so stay tuned!!
  2. Subtitles for TV shows!!! Yes, you’ve all been asking nicely for a while..  ;-)
  3. Favorites!! Mark what you want to watch so you can queue it up and watch it later!! Just click the <3 in the movie/TV show details view and it’s added to your favorites list. Don’t want it there anymore? Just give it a long “click” and it will be removed.
  4. Subtitles can be changed while watching a movie on your device or on Chromecast! In case you suddenly realize you speak a different language and you want to see subtitles in that language…
  5. On this new version you can also change the VLC player hardware acceleration in settings.
  6. Crash report!! This is awesome for us (and you as well!!). If application crashes you can easily send us a crash report so we’ll see what caused it to crash and fix  it for next time…
  7. Portrait orientation
  8. We did some general bug fixes and improvements. In general. ;-)

Enjoy everyone!!! GOOOOOOO ANDROID!!

iOS !!!

Posted by Popcorn-Time on October 01, 2014
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We are gathered here today, friends, users, comrades, to celebrate the union of two beautiful souls.

The iOS family and Pochoclin.
These two have been meant for each other since the day Pochoclin was born…
It took them a few months to work things out as iOS’s family is very strict on some things, But now they’re here. Together at last. Joined by endless lines of code and love from Pochoclin’s family (our whole team of developers of course).

If anyone may object (NOT) let them speak now or forever hold their peace!


………………………………………………………….. (applause!!!!)

By the power invested in us, a bunch of geeks from all over the world, we now pronounce you A BRAND NEW FABULOUS iOS APP!!!
You may give it a try :-)
You can fetch our Cydia repository URL here: Popcorn Time for iOS

“How do you like them apples??” ;)

Brand new Rockin’ Mac and Windows version!!

Posted by Popcorn-Time on September 08, 2014
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4.4 picture


Cross platform here we come!!!

So we’ve kept this as kind of a secret, but one of the things we’ve been working hard on for the past couple of months is a cross platform desktop version all built in C++ which will be the same for Mac, Windows and Linux…

And tadddddah!!!!!!

Here it is guys. Please welcome version beta 4.4, at the moment for Mac and Windows (Linux, we love you guys, yours will be ready in just a few days!!).

From this moment on there’s no more “they have this and we don’t blah blah blah”… Everyone will be equals, and equals is the best way to be!

So what’s new??

Macs, for the first time you’re also getting FREE BUILT IN VPN!!!  Yes. Now you can also be anonymous!!  (powered by Kebrum)

Also we added Chromecast and Airplay support for Mac and improved the Chromecast and Airplay support for Windows.

And, and we believe that you’ve been waiting anxiously to read these words coming from our mouths….

Yes, this one was a tough cookie, but we ate it and now you can cast all your favorite movies with their subtitles using Chromecast! ;-) Apple TV, you’re next to get subtitles, don’t worry.

And what else?

  •  Better cpu usage!
  •  Free built in VPN
  •  Improved Chromecast support
  •  Chromecast subtitles !!!! (don’t tell the Android users, they’re also waiting for this… and they’ll have it soon!!)
  •  Improved airplay support
  •  Smoother and improved video player.
  •  It’s now supporting more video codecs.
  • Subtitles size control
  • The option to help the community and  flag bad torrents… Cause no one like’em shitty torrents!!! :-)
  •  Major bug fixes
  • Lot’s of love hard work and sweat from your devoted PT team.

So enjoy, and if anything doesn’t work for you, please fight the urge to report it here, but just click this link here and post it there.

And don’t forget to share this software with everyone, anyone, and someone! :)

Yours like movie stars,

Popcorn Time team.


Someone is trying to TRADEMARK Popcorn Time!!

Posted by Popcorn-Time on September 07, 2014
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Hey everyone,

We just found out something very disturbing… It seems as if someone is trying to trademark Popcorn Time.

Meaning making Popcorn Time their own and not a public project as it is today.

This is news to us and we’re still figuring out how to respond to this, but this is rude and it is something we take very seriously.

We assure you that we will never ever do something like this, and we will not let this happen that someone else will claim that it is their trademark. Never. An open source project is for everyone. It does not belong to us or to anyone else!

We will keep you posted on how this evolves….


New VPN infrastructure

Posted by Popcorn-Time on August 31, 2014
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Hey everyone,

We’re sure most of you have noticed that the built in VPN service wasn’t working well recently…

Well, we worked our asses off together with Kebrum, we built a brand new infrastructure which should be more stable to and good to secure all of you guys!!

So go a head and check it out, if there’s anything wrong with it still let us know on our forum, and that’s it.

Enjoy! :-)


Sponsored by Kebrum VPN

Android beta 2.2 is out! We’re rolling them out like pros ;-)

Posted by Popcorn-Time on August 12, 2014
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Hello Androiders,

A few days after we released Android 0.2.1 we give you the improved update Android 0.2.2!!

What changed?

  1. Wrong subtitle bug is fixed- no more trying to watch Portuguese subtitles and getting Hebrew lol ;-)
  2. Some stability issues were solved
  3. We managed to achieve even faster download speed on this one…

Update will happen automatically on your device.

If you still haven’t installed Popcorn Time on your Android you can get the new version here:

Enjoy and if there’s anything wrong with this version let us know on our forum

Mac and iOS – You’re next!!

New Android version with free built in VPN!!

Posted by Popcorn-Time on August 07, 2014
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Hey Androiders,

We’re here with awesome news for you guys once again!!

Beta 2.1 is out and now you all can watch movies and TV shows with free VPN sponsored by!!! Awesomeness.

Get it at:

What else is new on 2.1?

  • Support for Android 4.0 and above
  • Improved, faster download speed!!!
  • Support for many more devices which were not supported before. If it still doesn’t work on your device, report it on:
  • Smoother watching experience
  • Many bug fixes (that annoying search function bug? Gone!!! Take that you bugger! ;-) )
  • improved Chromecast support
We’re here for you guys, working, improving, changing, adding awesome features!
Popcorn Forever.

Android+Chromecast. We must be doing somethin’ right… :-)

Posted by Popcorn-Time on July 13, 2014
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Androiders- we’re sorry…

But it appears that all your free time from now on will be spent “veggy’ing” in front of your TV watching your favorite movies and TV shows which will be casting from your Android device… The health administration does advise getting up every hour or so to stretch your limbs, empty your bladder, and pay attention to your: Spouse/children/best friend/dog/cat/boyfriend/girlfriend/plants… Lol ;-)

So yes. Android beta 2.0  is finally here!!!

And is case the first paragraph (which we found very amusing!!) wasn’t clear enough- Chromecast support is now available on Androids!!! (Mac users, don’t worry you’re next!!!).

And what else did we work so hard on??

1. Automatic updates- from now on all the new features, fixes and what not will update automatically while you sit back sipping a margarita!!
2. Native UI
3. Faster download of movies/TV shows- no more getting stuck at 96%… :)
4. Major bug fixes
5. More devices supported- If your device is still not supported please let us know in our forum, we started a thread especially for it here: //

Coming up: Built in free VPN for Android!! It will be released on version beta 2.1 which is due in a week or so.. (if everything goes according to plan of course…)


Chromecast support- CHECK!

Posted by Popcorn-Time on July 06, 2014
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Ladies and Gents, boys and girl, dear users, “the wind in our sails” (yes, that’s all of you!!), our friends:

Chromecast support is finally here!


Alpha 4.3 with Chromecast support for Windows is in alpha, get it here:

We can’t tell you how happy we are today- this was a very challenging…. Challenge ;-)

We enjoyed it, but we hated keeping all of you waiting for so long- so now that it’s out, we’re PHEWWWWWW if you know what we mean!!
This is the alpha version, so handle with care and let us know what works, what doesn’t, and if you do find something that’s not working properly (hopefully not!!) let us know in our forum and be as specific as possible (also tell us which Windows version you’re running, etc.).
The beta version by the way, will be out and will update automatically in a week or so for those of you who choose to wait.
“To download the alpha or to wait for the beta?” It’s one of life’s more difficult dilemmas. We know.

**It’s not casting subtitles yet- it will take a bit longer until we start casting them, but we’re on it- no worries!

What else?

Applers (Mac’s):
In approx 2 weeks if everything goes according to plan you’ll have something new and much much better to play around with- beta 4.3 for Mac, with built in VPN (The Anonymous Apples- sounds like a name of a rock band, no?) and a whole new better infrastructure which will resolve many issues some of you were having!
Chromecast support is also in the works for Mac, but it will take a bit longer, so stay tuned for that.

Popcorn Time beta 0.2 for Android will be released this week (if everything goes according to plan) and it will have Chromecast support (yes!!!) and major bug fixes. We’re working UBER hard on making Popcorn Time work on all Android supporting devices, but there are so many out there- you can’t even believe how many, and each device has it’s own needs and requests and things it likes, and doesn’t like hehe… Kinda like women lol  (women, we love you, can’t live without you!!) ;-)
So it may be a little longer until Pochoclin manages to satisfy all their different needs, but he will.

Many more exciting things are in the works… iOS in August (you didn’t hear it from us!!!) and more…

Yes, we definitely believe this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!!

Now go, download, and please please please- share Popcorn Time ( with your friends!! Help us spread the word- it is all we ask of you!!

Lots of Popcorn Love,

Popcorn Time Team :-)