We are officially back

Hi Internet,

You've noticed we recently pushed an update Hail Hydra for Popcorn Time. This marks the episode 3 of the Popcorn Time adventures (previously on "Popcorn Time adventures".) Questions and worries have spread on the web and in the comments, an explanation is long overdue.

Who are we?

We're Popcorn Time, a bunch of geeks from all around the world, nothing has changed. After the drama of the last episode, we would prefer to present ourselves as "Pochoclin", your beloved friendly mascot. We can only promise we're not the supervillains: if any doubt arises, you're more than welcome to inspect the code (and send fixes while you're at it) or grab our last build from our Continuous integration.

What's the plan?

After the "MPAA incident", we're a little diminished, and we've chosen a new direction: we're shifting from an active development of Popcorn Time to a more or less resilience-driven development. We will keep an eye on the bug tracker (Github) and fix the most urgent ones, but you have to understand, once more, that we are a community offering an application for those without access to a real Streaming platform and a real catalog, for free, without ads.

The last four months have been chaotic. We've seem some forks keeping up the good work and others who just wanted to attract users into a trap of adwares & malwares. We would like to take a moment to thank the Reddit Community for taking things over while we were in standby.

What changed?

We're no longer in active development. Most of our old teammates have left the ship to focus on a new technology, they called it Butter, and we use their platform as a base to make Popcorn Time. So, if you're a developer or an active community member, you might want to check them out: they need all the help they can get to achieve ever greater things that Popcorn Time. The bonus is that we, as well as other existing and future projects, will indirectly profit from all the changes brought in Butter.

We'd like to add that we do not accept any donation and have no interest in monetizing Popcorn Time by any way: our philosophy hasn't changed.

Evolution of Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time Evolution Graph

Popcorn Time Team

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