Posted by Popcorn-Time on February 03, 2015
New features

5.2 release

Hello our devoted users,

Sorry for such a long gap between our posts/releases, we’re going through a lot lately as most of you know.
We used to think that technological challenges are tough, but tech challenges are child’s play in comparison to what we have been going through!!! You can’t imagine how many people want Popcorn Time to vanish off the face of the internet.
So the real challenge is keep this project alive.


And we love a good fight with a good cause and awesome users who support us and drive us to keep on going!
No one said it was going to be easy, but easy is for losers. We are fucking winners, and so are all of you guys. We love you.

So after all this sappy shit, here’s what we’ve got coming to you today:

We are proud as hell to present you with new versions for Mac (0.5.2!!!) Windows (0.5.2) and Android (0.2.5).
These new releases are all about stability.
Getting this software to work flawlessly in one hell of a challenge and with these releases we’re getting so much closer to this desired goal…
Also the content is of higher quality this time around, and we’re doing our best to make sure you won’t have movies that don’t play, specific episodes in a series you’re watching that get stuck.. We’re doing our best to make sure the video will run smoothly without stuttering, looping, pausing… That the sound quality will be even higher than it already was, that the download will be quicker and that the overall watching experience will rock your world! Even more than before. It worked beautifully when testing it, and if it works beautifully for all of you… Well, we may be able to start fantasizing on crossing out the word BETA before the version number ;-)

Want some more exciting news?

Well, you all know that we’ve been trying super hard since we released iOS for jailbroken devices to bring it also to non jailbroken devices… We recently got some help and initiated an amazing collaboration… A collaboration which is really starting to bear fruits… Apples mainly ;-) More info on this soon…….

Oh, and Windows Phone owners…. Get your devices and eyes ready… Popcorn Time is coming to you soon………

To make our forum more organized, we split our “Something is not right” forum into 2 sub forums! One is for everything desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux), the second one is for everything mobile (Android, iOS).


Popcorn Time 5.2 Beta for desktop change log:
New interface for Mac Os X!
Metadata errors fixed! (0/0 peers,0kb/s, 100% and then back to info page issues are under this category).
Magnet links support
Initial download progress fix
Torrent engine stability updates
Seek and download bar fixes
Brazilian Portuguese subtitles fix
Cache bug fixed.
Updater improvements – From the next version on there will be no need for you to re-install every time we offer a new version!

Popcorn Time 2.5 for Android change log:
Magnet links support
Added app translations (Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese)
A lot of bugs fixes (torrent not found included!)
Improved subtitles logic
Some UI changes
Updater improvements – From the next version on there will be no need for you to re-install every time we offer a new version!

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