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Posted by Popcorn-Time on October 01, 2014
New features


We are gathered here today, friends, users, comrades, to celebrate the union of two beautiful souls.

The iOS family and Pochoclin.
These two have been meant for each other since the day Pochoclin was born…
It took them a few months to work things out as iOS’s family is very strict on some things, But now they’re here. Together at last. Joined by endless lines of code and love from Pochoclin’s family (our whole team of developers of course).

If anyone may object (NOT) let them speak now or forever hold their peace!


………………………………………………………….. (applause!!!!)

By the power invested in us, a bunch of geeks from all over the world, we now pronounce you A BRAND NEW FABULOUS iOS APP!!!
You may give it a try :-)
You can fetch our Cydia repository URL here: Popcorn Time for iOS

“How do you like them apples??” ;)

9 Comments to iOS !!!

  • Hi guys the app looks great. good job. there is only one problem with that app, I couldn’t airplay the movie from my iPad to my apple TV I don’t know what happens but look like I can only airplay the audio of the movie without the video. You may want to check that part of the code or perhaps you will need another video player that convert movies in live from any format to mp4. another thing is that you may want to add some features like the YouTube app that allow user to minimize the video which is playing at that point while users are searching for something else to create a queue, also don’t forget about the sync the history between app I mean if I have the app in Windows, iPad or other devices to be able to sync all the movie watched before between all of them

  • There are a few bugs:
    - Clear cache folder option doesn’t work (after clicking it, nothing happens)
    - Croatian subtitles in movies don’t display correct (letters š č ž aren’t displayed). I’ve seen this problem many times, problem is in encoding. Maybe to add option for changing encoding subtitles…
    - Every TV show that I started, doesn’t start. Don’t know if it’s lacking seeders or what. Movies are working great

    Keep up the good work.

  • Awesome guys i like there’s one thing the arabic subtitles shows weird caracters if u could fix this guys it would be amazing ,i’m on ipad ios 7.1.1

  • Downloaded it and just finished watching X-Men: Days of Future played beautifully. Keep of the great work guys!

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