iOS is working again!!!

Posted by Popcorn-Time on October 20, 2014
New features

Hey All,

So we’re sure that all you iOS users noticed that since our domain got removed (arghhhh!!!) iOS hasn’t been working.

Our Cydia repository was linked to the domain and therefore once the domain got removed, the repository stopped working.

It took us a few days and we’re sorry for not being there for you, but WE’RE BACK!!!

And no one can stop us now…

So the new repository is available through here: //

Install it and enjoy!

A solid solution for non jailbroken devices is still being worked on, this whole mess with the domain set us back a bit, but we will have it, be sure of that.

And SHARE!!!! Please help us get back on Google!! We need our new domain to be… EVERYWHERE!! And since we’re not everywhere, we need you all to help us.

Forums, that’s #1. If any of you all are active on any forums and can open discussions there about us, about our new domain, whatever -  that would be fantastic!

Blogs – You’ve always wanted to start a blog, no? Now’s the time!! And post about Popcorn Time Lol ;-)

Social… Everything. You know the drill.

Everything is appreciated :-)

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