Introducing: Popcorn Time for NON JAILBROKEN iOS devices!

Posted by Popcorn-Time on April 08, 2015
New features

one year anniversary final

Ladies and Gents,


Give a warm round of applause to the iOS installer!!!

What does this iOS installer do and why should it get warm applause?

It f$#%ing (excuse our French, but we’re excited) installs Popcorn Time on your non jailbroken iOS device.

For months we’ve been wrecking our bright brains on how we can make this happen.. How can we bring our awesome Popcorn Time iOS app to users who don’t want to jailbreak their device? This was one hell of a challenge…

Well, you know how The Beatles sang “I get by with a little help from my friends”?
So “salvation” came when we talked about this challenge with another brilliant group of developers, friends of ours from years past, who came up with the idea to create an iOS installer which will bypass all Apple security (Booom!) and install Popcorn Time on any iOS device (Baaaaam!).
It took some time for them to figure this out and develop it, but now we’re THRILLED to announce that its ready.
And now that these guys figured this thing out, they’re planning to take it to the next level and not only use this installer to enable iOS users to install Popcorn Time on their device, but to actually make it into a store outside the app store so users who don’t want to jailbreak their device can install apps that have not been approved by Apple on their devices. They’re going to break this control Apple has over us, over our devices and over what we can or cannot install on the devices we purchased with our top dollars!!!
They’re planning to follow through with their mission during the month of May and if you want to follow their progress, you can visit them at

The iOS installer isĀ  available at and the installation process is super easy, just follow the instructions given by the installer .exe

Please note that you’ll have to have iTunes installed on your desktop computer for it to work.

At the moment the installer works on Windows only, but in 2 weeks or so we’ll have it for Mac as well.

iOS on non jailbroken devices!!! This is a dream come true for us and for all you iOS people!

Other than that, we’re also releasing a new iOS version, beta 1.2 which other than having many bug fixes, also support Chromecast and Airplay!! Free built in VPN support and an Anime section are not yet ready, but they will be soon and will be released in the next update which will follow shortly.

AND ALSO…… (drum roll please…)

Remember the awesome Android video we made back in May for the release of Popcorn Time on Android? Well, here’s the even better sequel which we made especially for Popcorn Time’s one year anniversary and for this huge release.

Please watch, SHARE, help us make this go super viral so Pochoclin will become a shining STAR! He deserves it, doesn’t he?

What else?

This first year of Popcorn Time was off the hook with many awesome things that happened – bringing Popcorn Time to all major platforms, offering free built in VPN to protect our users anonymity, fighting against evil forces trying to take us down… And if you thought this year was exciting, wait and see what we have coming for you in the upcoming year!

  • Support for Windows phone is coming, hopefully next month!!! And we have plans to create support for many more OS’s.
  • Anonymity revolutionĀ which we started this year with the free built in VPN and will evolve into something much greater this year, since the VPN is not enough anymore…
  • Content on our platform is also something we’re working on improving by enabling our users to add their own content to Popcorn Time and actually create their own channel!
  • And to ensure all of this happens uninterrupted and that no one succeeds taking down Popcorn Time, we’re working on making our infrastructure fully p2p and decentralized!

It’s going to be a hell of a year and as always, you can help us make it even greater by helping us spread the word about us!!! Talk Popcorn Time, post Popcorn Time (with out URL please, share Popcorn Time, Tweet Popcorn Time. Any help in getting the word out to the world about us, will be highly appreciated by Pochoclin. The Star :)


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