Posted by Popcorn-Time on October 13, 2014
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Hi all.
This is the first time Pocholin is saying this word like this… Screaming it out.
As most of you may have noticed, our domain has been removed.
This is due to some sort of legal investigation against Popcorn Time.
A legal investigation who’s trying to do everything within its power to make Popcorn Time disappear from this world.
And neither will you, right???
Therefore, as Pochoclin is asking here, we really, REALLY, need your HELP!
After spending the last few days fighting back the people who took down our domain, we’re now up with a new domain:

BUT the biggest issue is, that this domain doesn’t appear on any Google search!!
If someone tries to find Popcorn Time. they can’t see our page!!
People who want to download Popcorn Time for Android, for iOS, people who want to use Popcorn Time anonymously for free using our built in VPN – they just can’t find us!!!
What those *fuckers* who are trying to remove us did, is to erase us from the world of Google.
They were sure that we’ll stop after this… If we’re not on Google, we don’t exist…
BUT those *fu%$ers don’t know who they’re dealing with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
As we promised on our website from day one:

So we’re fighting back now like hell!!!
But in order to be able to fight them, and follow up on that promise, dear users, guys and gals and from all over the world, WE NEED YOUR HELP.
The only way Pochoclin and us will be able to overcome this blow, is if you all help us get back on Google.
And how can you do this??
See, our existance depends on Google! And what Google likes most is when websites get talked about. The more people mention one website, share that site’s URL, in various different platforms, the more Google understands that this site is popular and needs to show up in the search results!!!
So we need to get talked about. We need to get our new URL // EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Forums, blogs, articles, Facebook, Twitter and where ever.
Have a blog? Write about us.
Active in a forum? Write about us.
You’re a reporter somewhere? Hell yeh!!!! Write about us.
Social networks? Share, talk, urge other people to share.
Help us get the word around, let Google know that Popcorn Time is ALIVE AND KICKING!!! Just in a different URL.
This project is depended on that. This project depends on your help cause we cannot do this alone…
If we won’t be able to climb the Google ranking ladder fast enough, we’re not sure if we’ll manage to keep our initial promise to you, and we’ve never broken a promise we made to you all before…
So in a few seconds, when you’re finished reading this post, please HELP.
Help Pochoclin live.
Help us to not let all our hard work in the past 6 months go to waste.
Show us what you all can do!!! We know you can help us!
May the lord of movies and TV shows be with us all,
Bless you all.


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