Google Play- WE’RE BACK!!!

Posted by Popcorn-Time on June 09, 2014
New features

So of course we would rather have the actual apk on the store, the one that Google removed in less than 24 hours after it was launched (they’ve had it in for Pochoclin ever since he was a baby POP).
BUT since we can’t have that as Google is not returning our calls (rude!!)we did create an app that enables the user to download the app in a jiffy!!
And also with this app you can update our new version releases in just one click as soon as they’re out.

Get it HERE your Androiders.

And don’t worry iOS’ers, you’re coming up next!

**3 days i t took them this time, but as probably you notice, this link isn’t working anymore… Damn Google.
The apk is still available for download on our homepage- from there, no one will be able to remove it!!!! :)

19 Comments to Google Play- WE’RE BACK!!!

    • Yep, app taken down by Google once more… Not nice!!! It’s available on our homepage- where it will never be taken down!!

    • Hey there,

      Thanks for the beautiful thought!!
      The best way to donate to us our friend is not with any currency… But with helping us to spread the word about us.
      Talk about us in forums you’re active in, Facebook, Twitter or any other social network- let the world know about us and we’ll be more grateful than we’ll ever be for coin (not that coins are bad, but this is much better since we’re measured by popularity…). Thanks man- you’re awesome :)

  • Hey guys,

    First of all congratulations for all the work you did and keep going that way :-)

    I notice that the google play link for your app is broken maybe this new app has been removed as well. So bad :-(

    Good luck

    • Yep… 3 days and we were removed darn it… :( apk available on the homepage- there no one can ever take it down!!!

  • I did download the newest version for my android, but it isnt working right. First
    When the movies is finished downloading i just cant play it. Its really strange it just dont open :3, so what did i do wrong. And second it still says that the vpn network will come soon and that it isnt approachable yet. And i did install the latest version, so please help me out guys

    • Hey Jan,

      We’re still pretty new on Android so be patient with us… It is a huge challenge to get the app to work on every Android supporting device out there- there are so many!!! So we’re working on making it compatible with all devices, but it’s taking some time naturally… What device are you using? What Android version is it running? Thanks!!

    • Ye… It took them a bit longer this time (3 days and not 24 hours) but we were taken down for the play store.
      The APK is still available for download on our homepage- it will never be taken down from there!!!

  • Hai there,

    Where can I find an APK to install? Because it is impossible to install the collection of files that I downloaded from your homesite.
    And also the link “Get it here..” is down.

    • Hey man,

      Yes, those Google people removed the app that downloads the app for you… They just don’t like us!!!
      You can get the APK on our homepage as usual… Enjoy :)

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