Posted by Popcorn-Time on November 05, 2014
New features


Hello Dear users,

Wow, after such a crazy month, we’re super proud to introduce beta 5.0!!

We’ve completed the first stage in which we worked our asses off to bring Popcorn Time to all major platforms, now we’ll work our asses off to make the watching experience flawless, to bring improvements to content and so much more… It’s going to be fun!!!

Before we start the LONG list of what’s new, we wanted to say a few words about the past month, since our beloved domain was removed and we were forced to move to

You know how they say that every change is for the better? Well, THEY WERE FUCKING RIGHT!!!

In the first few days we were devastated… But out of this devastation awesome things grew.

First, we realized once again how strong and awesome our community of users (you guys!!!) is.
We got so much love and support, help, suggestions and more that we knew instantly that we have to fight back not only for us to not lose this project, but for you all!!
So we wanted to thank you and to ask you all to always stick with Pochoclin!! Without you, there’s no Popcorn Time.

Second, to make sure we don’t experience anything like this again, we made this version of Popcorn Time (and all version that will follow) not connected to the domain. So even if our domain gets taken down again, Popcorn Time will keep on working.
Further more, we decided that we don’t want to be depended on servers either… So in the future all the necessary data for Popcorn Time will be transferred purely via Peer2Peer and in the new beta 5.0 we’ve implemented the infrastructure needed for this vision.

Popcorn Time will live way past us… Unless there’s like nuclear war or the world ends or something like that… (touch wood).

What does beta 5.0 have in store for you all?

  1. A complete make over with UI/UX that just screams – watch movies now!!!
  2. Anime section – yes, lots of you asked for it, now you have it!
    Cartoons section – it’s there now, not working yet, but will be activated in the next few days!
  3. Seeding – Up until now upon downloading a movie with Popcorn Time you would seed the torrent only while it downloads. Un-intentionally we created a community of leaches (sorry community) and it’s time to change that. In the new version there’s an “enable seeding” check box, though just a few hours ago we found a few issues with this feature so at the moment it’s disables and it will be enabled in the upcoming days.
  4. Search suggestions (auto complete) – In case you’re not sure about the full name of the movie…
  5. Keyboard navigation
  6. A huge and growing library of movies – Now lets see you guys find movies that are not on Popcorn Time ;-)
  7. Previously watched list – in case you don’t know exactly what movies you’ve watched, what episode you’re on etc.
  8. Connection to several movie sources, so if one goes down for some reason, we’ve got you covered.
  9. Bug fixes.


While we were down a few other Popcorn Time forks showed up to try and take our place.
Some of these forks are charging users a few dollars for download. They are fake and they don’t even work.
It is important for us to clarify to you all, and please help us pass the word around that POPCORN TIMEĀ  IS A FREE SOFTWARE WHICH WILL ALWAYS BE FREE.
If anyone asks for your money, it’s a scam.

Download beta 5.0 from our new and beautiful homepage at:


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  • Congratulations on surviving this past month of craziness! And congratulations on the beta 5.0 release! Can we expect the Linux port to jump from pre-VPN beta 3.2 to glorious VPN-enabled beta 5.0? Can we expect it soon? Hope so. Keep on keepin’ on.:)

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