Come and get your updates folks! (Windows, Mac)

Posted by Popcorn-Time on December 21, 2014
New features

Hello Friends,

So after a crazy weekend with having to move our whole operation to a new home, we’re back up with all engines burning hard.
We are ready to fly this ship to the freakin’ Popcorn moon and to prove that here are some awesome new releases for ya’ll :)

Windows beta 5.1:

After learning about how awesome beta 5.0 is, but also what’s not working so well in it, we worked hard on solving the issues and we believe we managed to fix many bugs that were bugging you guys!! First of all, Chromecast should work well again for those who experienced issues with it recently… So go a head and enjoy a good movie on your TV screen again, no problemo!

Other than that we fixed many player issues, the cache folder bug and we increased download speed, enabled support of a bigger variety of torrents and in general we improved the watching experience, so go and watch something and tell us how it feels!!
Something isn’t working? Report it on our forum here: //

Mac beta 4.9.1:

First of all to the burning question you all are probably asking: Why isn’t Mac on beta 5.X yet?
Well, with all that’s been going on recently, we had to invest a lot of time making sure that Popcorn Time will not be shut down, and that time took a bite from the time we had for development.

Also we had some hard time getting Chromium to work with QT (our webUI engine) on Mac – but QT 5.4 was just released 10 days ago with a Chromium-Based Browser Engine, so if everything goes smoothly and we won’t have to invest all our time in keeping Popcorn Time alive, we are expecting to release Popcorn Time 5.1 for Mac in less then 2 weeks.

In the meantime we give you beta 4.9.1 with many bug fixes for a smoother watching experience.
Having issues with beta 4.9.1? Report it on our forum here: //

Exciting iOS news for the near future:

We are expecting to release Popcorn Time beta 1.2 for iOS in the next 3 weeks with many improvements, bug fixes (thanks for the awesome QA on our forum!!), Chromecast and Airplay support and a FREE built in VPN!
But the most exciting news are…..

We are working hard getting Popcorn Time for iOSĀ  TO BE AVAILABLE FOR NON JAILBROKEN DEVICES.
Yes. We promised, and we always try to keep our promises :-)

That’s all folks, have a lovely Sunday and beautiful week to come, and may the Popcorn gods smile a big smile on us :)


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