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The Anonymous Popcorn (time)

Posted by Popcorn-Time on June 08, 2014
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Hey there devoted users,

Approx 2 weeks ago, after reading an article on Torrent Freak that really troubled us (an article we also posted about here regarding our users’ safety) we made an important decision to put everything we were working on on hold for a bit and focus first on creating the safest environment for each user!
To ensure that all of your guys can watch whatever you want, when ever you want and most importantly from WHERE EVER!! Without fearing that some nasty troll will catch you… ;-)

And now it’s here.
Encrypted bittorrent traffic and…. (drum roll please)… FREE BUILT IN VPN!!!
This is THE ONLY version available today that protects its users.

This is so special and awesome that Torrent Freak was glad to tell you about it more in detail… And since they write much better than us- better read about it there :-)

Now that we got this off our plate we can go back to finishing up the Chromecast support, working on iOS, new improved versions for Android and Mac and also smart TV’s and many more things we have in our pipe line.

Share your thoughts with us, and most importantly- please share Popcorn Time!!! Popularity is the key to keep us going, so help us RUN by spreading the word about us to everyone, anywhere!

*Thanks to the awesome Kebrum the VPN provider which makes all of this possible!!