Brand new Rockin’ Mac and Windows version!!

Posted by Popcorn-Time on September 08, 2014
New features

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Cross platform here we come!!!

So we’ve kept this as kind of a secret, but one of the things we’ve been working hard on for the past couple of months is a cross platform desktop version all built in C++ which will be the same for Mac, Windows and Linux…

And tadddddah!!!!!!

Here it is guys. Please welcome version beta 4.4, at the moment for Mac and Windows (Linux, we love you guys, yours will be ready in just a few days!!).

From this moment on there’s no more “they have this and we don’t blah blah blah”… Everyone will be equals, and equals is the best way to be!

So what’s new??

Macs, for the first time you’re also getting FREE BUILT IN VPN!!!  Yes. Now you can also be anonymous!!  (powered by Kebrum)

Also we added Chromecast and Airplay support for Mac and improved the Chromecast and Airplay support for Windows.

And, and we believe that you’ve been waiting anxiously to read these words coming from our mouths….

Yes, this one was a tough cookie, but we ate it and now you can cast all your favorite movies with their subtitles using Chromecast! ;-) Apple TV, you’re next to get subtitles, don’t worry.

And what else?

  •  Better cpu usage!
  •  Free built in VPN
  •  Improved Chromecast support
  •  Chromecast subtitles !!!! (don’t tell the Android users, they’re also waiting for this… and they’ll have it soon!!)
  •  Improved airplay support
  •  Smoother and improved video player.
  •  It’s now supporting more video codecs.
  • Subtitles size control
  • The option to help the community and  flag bad torrents… Cause no one like’em shitty torrents!!! :-)
  •  Major bug fixes
  • Lot’s of love hard work and sweat from your devoted PT team.

So enjoy, and if anything doesn’t work for you, please fight the urge to report it here, but just click this link here and post it there.

And don’t forget to share this software with everyone, anyone, and someone! :)

Yours like movie stars,

Popcorn Time team.


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