Android+Chromecast. We must be doing somethin’ right… :-)

Posted by Popcorn-Time on July 13, 2014
New features

Androiders- we’re sorry…

But it appears that all your free time from now on will be spent “veggy’ing” in front of your TV watching your favorite movies and TV shows which will be casting from your Android device… The health administration does advise getting up every hour or so to stretch your limbs, empty your bladder, and pay attention to your: Spouse/children/best friend/dog/cat/boyfriend/girlfriend/plants… Lol ;-)

So yes. Android beta 2.0  is finally here!!!

And is case the first paragraph (which we found very amusing!!) wasn’t clear enough- Chromecast support is now available on Androids!!! (Mac users, don’t worry you’re next!!!).

And what else did we work so hard on??

1. Automatic updates- from now on all the new features, fixes and what not will update automatically while you sit back sipping a margarita!!
2. Native UI
3. Faster download of movies/TV shows- no more getting stuck at 96%… :)
4. Major bug fixes
5. More devices supported- If your device is still not supported please let us know in our forum, we started a thread especially for it here: //

Coming up: Built in free VPN for Android!! It will be released on version beta 2.1 which is due in a week or so.. (if everything goes according to plan of course…)


6 Comments to Android+Chromecast. We must be doing somethin’ right… :-)

    • We definitely will, but can’t promise how soon it’ll happen… Since most of our users are on Windows, Mac and Android we’re still working on bringing it to those devices and making it work perfectly on those… We are Linux fans and users by the way, but development for Linux may take a bit longer since there’s less demand… Hope you understand.

  • Can you please add support to Android L. When I click on watch movie it goes back to the home screen and does not play the video. Trailer plays!

    • Thanks for letting us know… Android is still taking it’s first steps (it’s only been around for 2 months or so…) and one of the biggest challenges it poses is making it compatible with all android devices- there are so many out there!!!! So we’re on it, and with every release more and more devices work well with it… So a bit of patience and we’re sure it’ll work perfectly on android L :-)

  • I can’t get it to work with 8.1 and chromecast and tried the youtube thing and it didn’t work there either. Will the bata 2 thing address that or is it only for androds?

    • Beta 2 is only for Android, but we are working on beta 4.3 for Windows which will fix many bugs that the alpha 4.3 had… So stay tuned it should be out really soon. We will probably inform about it on our facebook page and Twitter by the way so if you’re not friends with us on one or both.. What are you waiting for? ;-)

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