Android beta 2.7.4 with a surprise!

Posted by Popcorn-Time on August 21, 2015
New features

Hi Androiders,

We’ve just released a new Android version, beta 2.7.4!

Here’s your regular change log:

1. Updated VLC sources (better player support)
2. Added new VPN support logic
3. Bug fixes from user reports

And the surprise?

Well, since our user-base has become huge (we love you guys!) and one VPN company can no longer provide good, solid enough VPN support for all dedicated users and since your anonymity is of top priority for us and the ultimate solution we’ve been working on for months which will provide you all free protection with no problem is not yet ready, we’ve decided to open our API to third party VPN companies (experimental) to integrate with! In the meantime we have one company who has integrated already (Anonymous VPN) and we’re hoping that in the near future many more will integrate and thus will offer competitive subscriptions and, bottom line, the best support and protection for our awesome users!


VPN Companies, You can find the API documentation here.
* Any VPN company who would like to integrate our API and needs help with this, please contact us on this email:

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