Android beta 2.4 – Cause watching movies OFFLINE is sooo cool…

Posted by Popcorn-Time on November 18, 2014
New features



Hello Androiders,

Pochoclin wanted to give you something special…

Beta 2.4 is up for grabs on: and as implied from the headline here……. From now on……..


On a plane, in the subway, when visiting the moon…. Wherever.

How? From now on you can download whatever you want to watch a head of time and then watch it even if there’s no internet!

Awesome? You tell us!

**FYI: This feature will be added to the desktop app as well in one of the upcoming releases.

What else does this version have in store for you?

- You can watch stuff offline.
- We fixed bugs from crash reports you sent us (thanks!)
- We added support for physical keyboard
- We made some major improvements (torrents, vlc, Chromecast, updater and other)
- We added subtitle font color chooser in settings
- We added dimensions for normal, large and x-large screen sizes.

All of this bundled up with our FREE built in VPN which is powered by the awesome Kebrum.

** In the upcoming release we’ll feature a new savvy UI design we’ve been working on and then Popcorn Time Android officially be the best app ever!



Since we’re not on the Google Play store, the only way new Androiders can find out about this awesome software just waiting to find its way to their device is THROUGH YOU ALL!

So as we ask always, we’ll ask once again, help us spread the word about Popcorn Time for Android. Sharing is caring, so care for your fellow Androiders and let’em have it!


Love, peace and John Travolta.

Pochoclin and the team.

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