Android beta 2.3 is HERE!!

Posted by Popcorn-Time on October 02, 2014
New features

Here’s the Android lovin’ you’ve all been waiting for!!!

A new awesome Android version is available, you should automatically see on your device that there’s an update available. Accept the update and rock on!! If for some reason you didn’t see a notification from us regarding the update, just re-install the app here

So what’s new?

  1. Subtitles support on Chromecast!!! Yes, you’ve all been asking nicely for a while now, we promised that it was in the works, and here it is!!! Now you  can watch Popcorn Time from your Android on your TV screen with subtitles!! Woohoo :)
    ***DESKTOP USERS: Since Google blocked our subtitles on Chromecast solution, we’ve been working very hard on finding a work around which will bring back the subtitles support on Chromecast for you all. We’re happy to say that we found a way to make this work and this solution will be released in a few days, so stay tuned!!
  2. Subtitles for TV shows!!! Yes, you’ve all been asking nicely for a while..  ;-)
  3. Favorites!! Mark what you want to watch so you can queue it up and watch it later!! Just click the <3 in the movie/TV show details view and it’s added to your favorites list. Don’t want it there anymore? Just give it a long “click” and it will be removed.
  4. Subtitles can be changed while watching a movie on your device or on Chromecast! In case you suddenly realize you speak a different language and you want to see subtitles in that language…
  5. On this new version you can also change the VLC player hardware acceleration in settings.
  6. Crash report!! This is awesome for us (and you as well!!). If application crashes you can easily send us a crash report so we’ll see what caused it to crash and fix  it for next time…
  7. Portrait orientation
  8. We did some general bug fixes and improvements. In general. ;-)

Enjoy everyone!!! GOOOOOOO ANDROID!!

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