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Android+Chromecast. We must be doing somethin’ right… :-)

Posted by Popcorn-Time on July 13, 2014
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Androiders- we’re sorry…

But it appears that all your free time from now on will be spent “veggy’ing” in front of your TV watching your favorite movies and TV shows which will be casting from your Android device… The health administration does advise getting up every hour or so to stretch your limbs, empty your bladder, and pay attention to your: Spouse/children/best friend/dog/cat/boyfriend/girlfriend/plants… Lol ;-)

So yes. Android beta 2.0  is finally here!!!

And is case the first paragraph (which we found very amusing!!) wasn’t clear enough- Chromecast support is now available on Androids!!! (Mac users, don’t worry you’re next!!!).

And what else did we work so hard on??

1. Automatic updates- from now on all the new features, fixes and what not will update automatically while you sit back sipping a margarita!!
2. Native UI
3. Faster download of movies/TV shows- no more getting stuck at 96%… :)
4. Major bug fixes
5. More devices supported- If your device is still not supported please let us know in our forum, we started a thread especially for it here: //

Coming up: Built in free VPN for Android!! It will be released on version beta 2.1 which is due in a week or so.. (if everything goes according to plan of course…)


Chromecast support- CHECK!

Posted by Popcorn-Time on July 06, 2014
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Ladies and Gents, boys and girl, dear users, “the wind in our sails” (yes, that’s all of you!!), our friends:

Chromecast support is finally here!


Alpha 4.3 with Chromecast support for Windows is in alpha, get it here:

We can’t tell you how happy we are today- this was a very challenging…. Challenge ;-)

We enjoyed it, but we hated keeping all of you waiting for so long- so now that it’s out, we’re PHEWWWWWW if you know what we mean!!
This is the alpha version, so handle with care and let us know what works, what doesn’t, and if you do find something that’s not working properly (hopefully not!!) let us know in our forum and be as specific as possible (also tell us which Windows version you’re running, etc.).
The beta version by the way, will be out and will update automatically in a week or so for those of you who choose to wait.
“To download the alpha or to wait for the beta?” It’s one of life’s more difficult dilemmas. We know.

**It’s not casting subtitles yet- it will take a bit longer until we start casting them, but we’re on it- no worries!

What else?

Applers (Mac’s):
In approx 2 weeks if everything goes according to plan you’ll have something new and much much better to play around with- beta 4.3 for Mac, with built in VPN (The Anonymous Apples- sounds like a name of a rock band, no?) and a whole new better infrastructure which will resolve many issues some of you were having!
Chromecast support is also in the works for Mac, but it will take a bit longer, so stay tuned for that.

Popcorn Time beta 0.2 for Android will be released this week (if everything goes according to plan) and it will have Chromecast support (yes!!!) and major bug fixes. We’re working UBER hard on making Popcorn Time work on all Android supporting devices, but there are so many out there- you can’t even believe how many, and each device has it’s own needs and requests and things it likes, and doesn’t like hehe… Kinda like women lol  (women, we love you, can’t live without you!!) ;-)
So it may be a little longer until Pochoclin manages to satisfy all their different needs, but he will.

Many more exciting things are in the works… iOS in August (you didn’t hear it from us!!!) and more…

Yes, we definitely believe this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!!

Now go, download, and please please please- share Popcorn Time ( with your friends!! Help us spread the word- it is all we ask of you!!

Lots of Popcorn Love,

Popcorn Time Team :-)