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EU-Parliament-Election 25. May 2014!

Posted by Popcorn-Time on May 23, 2014
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Popcorn Time users get “fined” by copyright trolls

Posted by Popcorn-Time on May 23, 2014
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Hey People,

We’re not sure how many of you guys have been exposed to this article:

It is important for us to say a few words on this matter to clarify where we stand on this and the things we’re doing to keep our users Troll safe!

First of all, there’s no way to prove that the users who were fined were actually viewing torrents using Popcorn Time. From what we gather the word Popcorn Time was not mentioned not even once in the letters the users received.

But still this topic concerns us and if what’s written in the article is true and happened to Popcorn Time users, then we’re very sad to see this.
FYI: Our Android app encrypts the bittorrent traffic from the start and now our alpha 4.0 version which will soon turn into Beta 4.0 also encrypts the bittorrent traffic.
This is the first and ONLY release of Popcorn Time which protects the users- and we worked super hard to make this available ASAP once we witnessed these trolls in action.
AND since this subject is really important to us, we are also going to offer a built in VPN in our apps very soon, proving once more our loyalty to this project

Rock ON users!!!

Popcorn Time Vs. iOS…. Ready, set, go!!

Posted by Popcorn-Time on May 22, 2014
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Hey all,

Just wanted to let all of you know that as of a week ago (approx) iOS is in the workshop!!

Soon Pochoclin will take a bite of that apple and all you iOS users will be able to watch movies and TV series freely from your iPhone, iPad, iPod (do they still make those???) and also on Apple TV.

We can’t tell you when yet because we’re just starting now to discover this new playground, but we assure you that we’re working as hard as ever and will get it to you loyal device soon!!!

We would have made Steve Jobs proud… :-)

P.S- The app will be available on Cydia.

Google Play are Allergic to Popcorn?…

Posted by Popcorn-Time on May 22, 2014
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Hey dear users,

As most of you probably noticed, Google didn’t wait even 24 hours to remove Popcorn Time from their play store…

They have it in for us- we don’t know why… Maybe they don’t like Pochoclin???

Anyhow, we made our app available 4 download immediately on our website and we still haven’t given up hope that one day Pochoclin and Google will be friends!

Until that day comes, we’re working on getting an app on the Google Play store which will link back to download the app from our website (to make things easier for those who look for us there).

And just to re-ensure you guys:

Our Android app is here to stay- with Google or without!!

Is Time4popcorn Safe?

Posted by Popcorn-Time on May 21, 2014
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So many people have been asking us recently whether our software is safe to install.

To answer this question we put on our safety hat and are sitting in a safe home so we’re safety inspired.

The answer is:

YES!!!!!!! Popcorn Time is 100% safe to install.

We heard that there are rumors going around about possible things that may happen to your computer’s safety if you download us and we just wanted to say that all these rumors are absolute bullshit.

There are many people who want to make you guys afraid of us- Hollywood for example…

So have no fear- Popcorn time is safe for your gear!! :-)

We were the first ones to go live and we’re the only ones that never closed (nor will we ever). All we’ve been doing since our launch is making our app better and available for more platforms so everyone from anywhere can use it. Windows, Mac, Linux, Android- DONE!  iOS, Smart TV and more… Soon!!!

By the way, have you watched this awesome clip we made for the release of our Android app?

If you want to read more about what we do, why we do it and why there’s absolutely no reason to fear downloading from time4popcorn, here’s a little something we wrote when these false rumors started going around on Reddit…


Now go watch an episode of something…


Popcorn Time BLOGGING

Posted by Popcorn-Time on May 21, 2014
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Hey Everyone,

After investing every effort we had on developing improving and developing some more- we decided to take a breather and start a blog where we can tell you more about what we’re developing, improving and developing some more :-)

So here it is- our first blog post!!

Wow, this has been a hell of a crazy ride for us since we launched mid March… We love every minute of it. It’s all about facing the challenges of making this technology freakin’ AWESOME, laughing in their face and just doing it.

And our mission???

To make Popcorn Time available on every possible platform and every operating system which exists today or will exist in the future.

We were the first ones to go live with Popcorn Time after the original project was taken down and we will be the last ones standing.

Trust us.

Now go watch a movie :-)